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Can be shipped within 35-45 business days. (without MAKEUP)

* Manufactured to be sold ONLY by LUTS


* This is pre-order doll so that it is impossible to cancel or change order after confirm payment.

* If there happens shipping damage or shipping mistake of wrong item, please contact us through MESSAGE / EMAIL immediately. ^^
We will deal with your problem as soon as we can.

The accident must be reported within 7 days since the package is arrived.
Customed doll (makeup, sanding or any kinds of change of doll shape) by customer can not be returned.

* It is impossible to change doll's parts which is not offered as option.

* COLOR on webpage could be slightly different from real color depending on monitor or PC setting.  



LUTS Delf boy EL

Includes : 

* Assembled Delf EL
* Acrylic eyes: 18mm (Random Color)
* Luts Box for Delf with two blankets

* The makeup, wig and outfit in the pictures are NOT included
* EL's basic hands are #7 Delf Boy hands parts.


Available Skin Colors

Additional Order Option

* Normal / White 

* Make-Up ($50 for 1 head)
When you add makeup option, please CHECK
 'MAKE UP' when you make order.

*BODY type (neck type)
- TYPE 1 body (old type neck)
- TYPE 2 or 3 body (new type neck)

* If you don't specify Skin / Body type, we ship EL with Normal Skin, TYPE 1 BODY.


ITEMS in the photo

* Type: Delf EL (Normal skin)
* Wig: DW-104 (Pastel Silver)
* Clothes: Black Colonel Set (NOT FOR SALE anymore)
* Make up: Delf SHIWOO Basic makeup



Height : 60cm (head included)

Girth of head

23 cm

9.1 inch

Girth of neck

10 cm

4 inch

Girth of waist

20 cm

8 inch

Girth of hips

25.5 cm

10.1 inch

Width of shoulders

13 cm

5.2 inch

Length of arm parts (shoulder - wrist)

20 cm

8 inch

Length of forearm part (elbow - wrist)

10 cm

4 inch

Length of back

14 cm

5.5 inch

Length of thigh part (hip - knee)

18 cm

7.1 inch

Length of calf part (knee - ankle)

17 cm

6.7 inch

Girth of ankle

7.7 cm

3.1 inch


7.3 cm

3 inch



 'EL' is the third boy-type delf doll from Luts.
He was born with his twin sister, 'Lishe'.
EL's body also been registered and all rights reserved.

EL is LISHE's brother.

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