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You can find frequently asked questions & useful information about LUTS dolls.

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Title [INFO]How can I restring / assemble my doll?
Posted by LUTS DOLL (ip:)
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  • Date 2017-06-19 18:38:28
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* Each parts has some sign of 'L' - left and 'R' - right inside the parts, so please check it.
60cm Delf is produced by different manufacturer, so some dolls of 60cm Delf do not have the logo.


** Basically, his construction is similar with any other boll joined doll. (Just few parts are plused and minused)

*** Tools : Doll, String puller, sometimes forceps, someone to assist you

Other things which would be nice if you have:nipper scissors(forceps), Pliers (Long nose type) x 1EA (long, slim)

Each DELF has just a bit different parts, basically they have same structure.


First of all, take CHIWOO's head, push up! Then, fix string tightly (close to body) by nipper scissors.
This nipper scissors prevent the string to fall down inside.
Also, it helps to disassemble safely.



It is easy to assemble the head if it fixed by nippers scissors.
Hold head cover and, push back.
Hold 'S' shape ring and push down head cover. Then it will be apart easily.
If it is inconvenient, go back to'How to fix neck by nipper scissors', and try again.

If holded string is too short, it is hard to disassemble your baby's head.



When the head and body become apart, it will be like this.



Now, lets take out hands!
Take the wrist, push out same as you did head.
Move your hand carefully (which you are holding doll) to wrist's small S-hook.
Hold String by your hand(which you are holding wrist)
Disassemble wrist's S hook.
If you let the string go, it will be disassembled by itself.

See below pictures as a reference.

*ATTENTION* When you disassemble arms and feet, remember the order how they were joined.
If you do not have acknowledge about human's body, you might be confused.


If you finish to disassemble, do the same way to ankles.
Just. Ankles’shapes are different from hands.
Hands are joined with ball, but ankles are not.

Arm: Shoulder ball + top arm + bottom arm + hand
Leg : Thigh ball + Thigh + calf + ball + foot
Look closely the difference, then disassemble.
If you done, You may take out S hooks and nipper scissors from the strings.


Above pictures, I showed how to disassemble.
First-foot, Second-ankle's ball, Third-calf, Forth-Thigh, Fifth-Thigh ball.
Compare with assembled leg.^^



Now I will explain how to cut string for assembling.
short string is for armto assemble, you need one
Long stringis for legto assemble, and you need two.
The exact length depends on doll's size. Above image is for delfs.
You SHOULD make knot tightly.Otherwise, it can be untied.

If a knot comes untied, you can be hurt!!! So, PLEASE make sure that you knot tightly.



As I said, Depending on owners and companies, assembling way is a little different.
Lets assemble arms first.
Lay down your doll on the floor, and put string puller into one shoulder, and take out string.
Also, do the same way to opposite side. In that time, for the convince and to look nice, let the string's Knot to stay inside of body.
See below as a reference.


As above images, string should come out each shoulder hole.
Choose which side you want to assemble first and Hang the string on the neck which part you want to assemble later.
It prevents the string comes out from the whole when you assemble other part's shoulder.


Insert string puller in opposite way (3, 2, 1) like above picture, at the edge, fit string into string puller. Then pull.

*ATTENTION* When you pull string, it is better to insert parts one by one.
If you pull too strong, the ball can be damaged.
Well, don't worry too much. That does not mean the ball will be destroyed.
But if you be more careful, You can have your baby for a long time!


If you done, hold bottom arm tightly to prevent the string released,
Same as the second picture, pull string to come out, then hole the string by your hand which you were holding doll's wrist.
Look below as a reference.


Put S shape ring into remained small string.
Make sure that you put right hand in right side, and left hand in left side+_+.
This picture is for right hand assembling in doll's side.


Like picture, if string is inserted in S shape ring, you may let the hand go.
Do the same way for opposite side, too.


Let's assemble legs.
Bring the string what we prepared for leg assembling.
Put string by string puller to upper part body (bottom to top), insert string in string puller, and pull toward below.
Let the knot toward top. If the knot fall into neck's hole, it is not able to assemble;_;
If you are afraid whether the knot comes out,
It would be helpful to insert S shape ring toward the knot.
Of coures you may use pen, nippers etc...anything you want.
But, I will use S shape ring in this time.


Same as the first picture, put your bottom body near the top. Then, do the same as second picture.
You donot have to have two string pullers. You may do one by one.
Honestly, you may use wire. It is cheap, slim, easy to curve...etc......


Above picture is for reference to show you guys how doll's legs are constructed.


Assembling leg is same as arms. As I said before, just one part is added.


Above picture shows how to put doll's parts in an order.
As above order, same as arms, pull string from the leg.

Order to insert to string: ankle ball, calf, thigh, thigh ball.

Hold string, which came out from ankle...



Insert foot same as above picture.
Do the same way to opposite leg.


Now it is time to put head.

Pull S hook, and same as assembling what we did in the beginning, fix above neck by nipper scissors.

If you are holding string by nipper scissors, take out S shape ring.
If the ring exists in there, the knot cannot go into head’s hole.

After you put the knot into head, put S shape ring.



Same as above photo, bring head cover and put S shape ring to the hole.
If you did not pull string enough, it might be hard to fix.
If you are not able to do that by yourself, ask somebody to help you.




After then, close the head cover.
This shows what you shouldn’t do.

If the head cover is closed, hold the head, and same as beginning, take out nipper scissors.



Finally, it is done!



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