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  • [ Guide for Owners ] MDF and MDF51 support & MDF head and MDF51 support

  • [ Product ] [INFO] comparison between GSDF body & GSDF Slender..

  • [ Product ] [INFO] comparison between SDF65 Slender Body & SDF..

  • [ Replacement, A/S ] Notice about Defective product
    Thank you for visiting and having an interest in our products. 

    Please refer to the below information about defect criteria.

    1) Spot/Dots , Dust , Surface Bubble

    Small dots, dust, bubbles, etc. on the surface of the doll (except the head face) are not considered defective.
    Especially, if they are located inner side between joints, head joints, etc. are not defective, even if they are noticeable.

    2) Marbling surface phenomenon

    In some cases, marbling marks appear on the surface of the doll.
    This is caused by a mixture of resins (urethane) and colorants and is not considered defective unless it is the head face.
    Especially for tan-skin and Another Skin, marbling can be noticeable compared to normal or whitening because of its darker color.

    3) Seems line / Putty marks

    The remaining putting line or gate marks are not considered defective.
    We are sending your items after removing all of the occurred gate marks or putting lines during the production procedure only not to be cut the customer's hand.
    It is 
    difficult to remove the putting line completely due to the process.

    4) Invisible surface parts

    Scratch, debris, dust, marbling, etc. in the invisible parts of the head or body, between joints, etc. are not considered defective.

    5) Diminutive colour differences 

    Even we are producing Heads and Body parts together, diminutive color differences may be caused among the parts.  

    Especially, in the case of tan-skin and Another Skin, the ester procedure(sanding procedure) is essential for gate removal and head lid engagement adjustment.

    During the Ester procedure, the applied area becomes white due to friction and inevitably leads to a color difference. 

    Thus, inevitably occurred colur difference due to process is not considered to be defective and we recommend not to use sandpapers on the surface.

    When you hold the doll's pose, friction occurs between joint joints ann because of that the joints may become whiter.

    In particular, tan-skin and Another Skin are vulnerable to friction, so the color difference between joints may be noticeable, but this is just a skin color feature thus it is not considered to be defective.

    Do not hesitate to contact us via Q&A Dashboard if there are more inquiries about information. 

  • [ Product ] Skin Color Comparison - Snow (Zuzu White) / White ..

    Skin Color Comparison - Snow (Zuzu White) / White / Normal / Peach (Obitsu White)

  • [ about Service ] Apply the face-up on the doll
    How can I put the face-up on my doll?
    > A: When you purchase doll, you can choose the face-up as option.
    If you choose face-up option, the basic face-up price will be added to the doll price.
    The price may vary slightly depending on the head size, time or the material to apply the face-up.
    Basically, the face-up will be proceed depending on the doll’s detail page image and full set doll will be put on the basic face-up of the head which you choose.

    Can I change the face-up into the other doll’s one?
    > A: It is available to change the face-up into the same size doll’s basic face-up. In this case, the additional fee will be charged. ($10)
    The changeable doll sizes are as follows.

     SSDF, SDF65, SDF, DF
     H31DF, HDF
     TDF, T20DF,

    Changes can only be made in entire, it is impossible to apply partial change of make-up.
    It is not allowed to put the limited doll’s face-up on the basic doll. ( On the other hands, it is available to put the basic doll’s face-up on the limited doll)
    If you want to change the face-up, please use the link as follows.

    Personal Payment for MAKE-UP change

    It is available to change face-up in the following cases, but only one or two changes will be accepted.
    - Remove face-up (eg. remove the lips line)
    - Soften face-up (eg. soften cheek blushing)
    - Deepen face-up (eg. deepen lips color)
  • [ Replacement, A/S ] Item return & exchange policy
    If customer want to change the item which is shipped without problem or same option as the order, please contact us through Q&A board within 5 business days. In this case, cost for exchange / return is charged to the customer.
    Only unopened and no-damaged item (original condition of package arrival) can be exchanged / returned.

    The following items cannot be exchanged / returned.

    - Pre-order items (most of dolls, pre-order clothes, etc. )
    - Dolls with adjustment option (e.g. Doll with face-up / removing seam line / piercing ears)
    - Opened or used item
  • [ Guide for Owners ] [INFO]How to stand BJD doll & caution note

    1. If the elastic string in the doll is too tight, the doll may not stand up well.
    In this case, you need to retie the string to control the strength or change the it.

    2. BJD falls down easily by a small shock and tremors, when they stood up firmly though.
    Also, the resin is easily broken. If the doll is fallen from the ground over 40cm in height,
    head and hand parts can be damaged.
    To stand up the dolls for a long time, we recommend using a doll stand.

  • [ Guide for Owners ] [INFO]How to change BJD eyes
  • [ Guide for Owners ] [INFO]Caution Note when assemble the BJD

    Caution Note when assemble the BJD

    1. Inside of the parts, there is L and R mark. They stand for LEFT and RIGHT side parts. It would help you to recognize the order of the parts.

    2. Please be aware that long nails and accessories, such as rings, can give damage your hands and your doll’s body when you assembling doll.

    3. Color nail lacquer on the fingernail may leave stain on a resin doll body.

    4. If you are not used to assemble a doll on your own, please ask your friends or any other person to help you assemble the doll.

  • [ Guide for Owners ] [INFO]HDF31 size information
  • [ Guide for Owners ] [INFO]How to assemble HDF31 body
  • [ Guide for Owners ] [INFO]Difference between original & recast doll

    Thank you for loving LUTS always.

    Today, we prepared post to tell you the difference between official LUTS dolls & recast copying our dolls.
    Recently, many recast dolls are being sold in worldwide, which makes BJD artists hurt. The recast sellers want only money, not caring people who purchase the recast dolls and original artists.

    Thankfully, a customer who purchased recast and official LUTS doll made detailed review about the difference of the dolls, so we share the post. We think this post would help the people who may purchase the wrong doll and someone with wrong information.

    Currently the recast sellers are selling the recast telling that the recast is their original designed dolls & there is no legal problem. However, it is false obviously.

    All copyright of this post reserves to ‘Mai’.
    ( )

    Left : Recast
    Right : Original LUTS doll
    They seem identical obviously, but the seller says the left doll is Chinese original designed doll.
    The doll becomes small when the urethane is shrunk when the doll is copied. The height is smaller, specially limbs become thinner than original.
    Color is also strange. We LUTS do not produce such colored doll – which is very murky pink color. The original LUTS doll is produced with specific colors only, but the recast doll makers would not know the color rate, so they would try to follow the color seeing our doll.

    The head cap is from recast and the face part is from original doll.
    The recast sellers tell the doll is their own designed one, but the cutting line of the head cap is perfectly matched.

    Each BJD companies have their own head parts cutting line shape. Therefore, it is impossible to match the head cap part and head(face) part from different companies. However, surprisingly, they match, which is one of the proof that the recast doll copied LUTS doll.

    The logo is carved inside the doll. They tried to smudge it, but the logo indicates ‘LUTS’ clearly. Of course, original LUTS logo is much clearer on different position though.
    While the doll is copied and shrunk, the recast doll’s waist part couldn’t pose well, so they modified the shape and added LUTS logo. Due to the careless modification, the recast doll can’t pose well.
    The recast sellers told that they sell original design doll. They could see the logo inside selling them, but we can’t believe that they tell the customers that the recast product has no problem about copyright.
    Not only on the body, we can discover that the logos inside the head.

    Let’s check the finishing condition comparing with the original & recast ankle. The recast one has the messy refinement, which could cut the fingers. Because the urethane is thin, it is very easy to be broken too. It is pity that if someone think the doll is original taking the recast dolls. We, LUTS, never refines our dolls like that.

    After the customer (Mai) receive and unpack the doll, powders remained. Every time the doll is moved, the powers are fallen out. This is just what we can see, we think there will be more invisible powders. They can be inhaled into the recast owners’ lung.

    As soon as the recast doll was unpacked, the air purifier worked. The customer felt uncomfortable and smelled strange chemical odor, even though she knew the doll was recast one. In fact, we received few calls telling ‘child feels itch after touching dolls’ ‘smells bad’ ‘sore eyes and throat’, and they were revealed as about the recast dolls. The customers said they didn’t know the dolls were recast because the seller states the dolls are original and they bought the dolls with cheap price. However, unfortunately, we could not help the customers.

    The recaster and sellers have fault to deceive the customers. When the customers ask about the originally, they remove the post or even threat the customer to sue as obstruction of business. It does not make sense at all, they do not have right to threat customer.

    The sellers would receive a lot of messages from original owners and the report about the recast, but they would sell the dolls. STOP SELLING THE RECAST. You earn money with illegal product, stealing the doll designer’s talent and hurting the doll fan’s heart and body.

    Now we have enough evident to make law action. We will not compromise on this situation.

    Please consider buying the recast again.
    Recast dolls are easy to be broken, have bad refinement and even leave powders. It is OK because they are cheap?
    The doll can’t be fixed even when they are broken. No one will take the responsibility about A/S. the price would not be cheap considering all things.

    LUTS dolls can be sold only through official website / official eBay store / official dealers. The rest of LUTS product are all recast.

    (official online stores :
    official dealers list :

    Also please remember that all event & membership benefit for owners can be offered for ‘original LUTS doll owners’ only.

    Thank you for your time reading this post, please share and tell your friend about this problem!

  • [ Guide for Owners ] [INFO]ABADON, TERRA, BLISS, JOE ver.65 refinement ..

    [CHANGE of ABADON as SDF65 version]

    1. Better proportion for Senior65 Delf BODY
    2. Modified head shape for better wig fit
    3. Smoother eyehall inside the head + head type engraved in
    4. Polishing of whole facial area with more detail
    5. Reducing tiny asymmetry
    6. Smoothing angeled line from forehead to eyebrow
    7. Make lachrymal glands - under eyeline curve gentle

  • [ Guide for Owners ] [INFO]Measurement of Model Delf CENTAUR
  • [ Guide for Owners ] [INFO] comparison & contrast between KDF CENTAUR &..
  • [ Guide for Owners ] [INFO] Comparison & contrast between SDF65 Origina..

    comparison & contrast between SDF65 Original body & new body

    1.Same Height and hands shape.
    But, hand hook is changed as resin from S-hook.

    2.Wider range to fix the arms with grooves

    3.Elastic String slit on thighs is covered (like multi body)

    4. Natural movement from adjusted knee & elbow parts

    5. Adjustment position of joint parts for natural clothes fit

     Senior65 Delf


    Upper Body (chest)

     Back muscle


    Lower Body (legs)

     Original body (old)


    each other





     New body (type 1 muscle)

    (six pack)


    (Trapezius muscle)

    veins on arms

    slim as original body

     New body (type 2 slim)

    less muscular

    less muscular

    No vein on arms

    muscle line on
    thighs & knees

  • [ Order & Payment ] My order was canceled! What happened?

    A: When the payment is not confirmed within a week (5 business days), the order is canceled without notice.

    If your order was canceled even though you have already paid, please contact us immediately through Q&A board, which is the fastest way to get reply.
    Currently we discovered some PayPal system error that payment record is not printed on the list randomly.
    PayPal is dealing with the trouble, but it is rarely discovered.

    Also, if PayPal sender / Buyer name or Payment amount / Paid amount (like combine shipping) are different each other, our system may not confirm the order automatically.

    If you already paid for the order, please contact us with your Transaction number of payment.
    We will find way to restore your order, in that case.

  • [ Guide for Owners ] [INFO]How to attach magnet on the doll

    * Please prepare masking tape to fix the magnet.


  • [ Guide for Owners ] [INFO] Comparison of Kdf GIRL body type 2 & type 5

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